Sally Haysom

It is important that I only use as natural of products as possible. Being a 10 year cancer survivor and having Celiac I work hard at living the farm to table aspect of cooking as much as I can and want to add fresh flavour to my food. I am on my way to the top with this company supporting me every step of the way. What began as a way to eat healthily and to help supplement our family income while my husband was recuperating from his work injury, has now turned into a way to put money aside for our retirement as well as to travel the world. I always look forward to having my more team members to work with so that I can help them pursue their dreams!

I joined so I could get my products without having to look for a consultant and to know I was getting the best of what I needed as well as to teach others about the benefits of using only great quality items.

I love the knowledge that I can help my family be the healthiest they can be while helping my husband financially . I am excited about the fact that I can do my business online and not travel. I can work as little or as much as I need and want. My husband and I are planning on taking our family (5 children, spouses and 18 grandchildren) on a Carribean vacation in 2016 and I love the fact that my career with Epicure is what is giving me the finances to be able to do this.